Israel is in the top ten sales of counterfeit drugs

Израиль входит в первую мировую десятку по сбыту контрафактных лекарств

Israel is in eighth place in the world for the implementation of counterfeit drugs. This is stated in the published Sept. 21 report on a study of the Centre of Medicine in the Public Interest (TSMIO).

As the authors of the study, in 2009 one of every 100 Israelis bought – knowing or not knowing about it – fake medicines. Scientists believe if the government did not take effective measures to combat the sale of counterfeits, the volume of sales of counterfeit drugs in the world by the end of 2010 to reach $ 75 billion.

The most common of counterfeit medicines in Israel – Viagra. According to TSMIO In 2007-2009 the authorities in Israel have confirmed that the experts of the manufacturer of Viagra «Pfizer» recognized in the country of 438,410 counterfeit tablets.

Further, according to TSMIO, 33% of fake drugs contain no active ingredient, 52% – the proportion of ingredients do not correspond to the original recipe.

As noted by Karin Ramot, a spokesman for Mission «Pfizer» in Israel, the most common channels of distribution of counterfeit medicines – through the Internet, through advertisements in print media, the marketing and delivery from abroad by private individuals.


The Jewish community opened in Irkutsk(Russia) Kindergarten

Aug. 30 near Irkutsk Synagogue opened the first Jewish kindergarten. Money for rent and maintenance, of the Jewish religious community helped raise entrepreneurs Irkutsk. Among them – not only Jews.

Chief Rabbi of Irkutsk Aaron Wagner area said: “The opening of the kindergarten was unique for our city” project tolerance. We have helped many, not just Jews. Just as not all children who now go into the new garden, belong to this nation. ”

However, kindergarten is different from the others. In addition to the regular program, approved by the Ministry of Education, children will learn here the Jewish tradition, to observe religious holidays, the sabbath, and even a little bit to learn Hebrew. In addition, meals for children will be exclusively kosher – clean, according to Jewish tradition. The ribbon at the opening cut elder of the Jewish community Boris Mountain, which recently celebrated its 100 years. These organizers stressed the particular importance of continuity between generations, which lights are hoping to instill children.

So far, the agency is supported by partners and philanthropists, but the organizers did not exclude the possibility to obtain the content from the municipal budget.